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Floating candles are an affordable option for wedding ceremonies!
Check out these centerpiece ideas!


Candles in Glass
Planning for your wedding reception décor? Want to revamp your current restaurant design?

Preparing for an engagement dinner in your home? Would you like to add elegance and touch of whimsy to your design take?


Restaurant Candles: Degustation with Aroma-ntic Flair
When you think of romantic dinner for two, what usually comes to mind? Of course, Taper Candles!!


Don't Miss Our Annual Memorial Day Sale!
Don't Miss Our Annual Memorial Day Sale!

Weddings? Not without the candles!!!
Not Without the Candles!

Weddings favorite! 10 Hour Votive Candles

Theses votive candles are perfect for Weddings, Restaurants, Churches and Home Decor. They can also be use for Special Events like Parties or Receptions.

Bubble Bowl and Blues - Wedding Centerpieces DIY
Create your own Bubble Bowl & Blues table arrangement with candles and holders from Candles 4 Less! 

Hip to be Square!
Create a simple and contemporary look using our Square Votive Holders and Square Glass Vases.

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Manzanita Magic! - DIY Centerpiece ideas
Make your wedding or special event a magical moment with this exquisite cylinder display of Manzanita. 

Emerald & Ivory
See how you can create an emerald & ivory centerpiece using our square holders and tea light candles.

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Seashells & Cylinders
Put together an easy arrangement of cylinders and floating candles for an ocean themed party or home decor

Grays & Greens for an Orchid Spring
Find out how you can put together a stunning arrangement with our 20" Natural Gray Moss Gondola. Read how to DIY below...

Simplicity Centerpiece for Special Events
Create a stunning arrangement for any occasion with pillars, votives and clear glass holders.

A Complimentary Centerpiece
Using complimentary cylinder glass holders and colors, you can construct an exquisite centerpiece that is quick and easy to put together. 

Create A Night For Passion!
Emotions will ignite when the mood is set with elegant vases and soft glowing candles from Candles 4 Less. 

Sweet in Pink Floral Centerpiece
For Special events like wedding receptions, bridal showers or baby shower you can do it yourself with Square vases, votive holder and tealights from Candles 4 Less.

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White & Bright
A brilliant and fresh idea for a centerpiece, perfect for weddings or catered events.

Elegant Wedding Candles: Saying “I Do” in Style

 Elegant Wedding Candles: Saying “I Do” in Style

                Looking for elegant Votive Candle Holders to cleave your Wedding Candles centerpieces? Looking for unique and elegant Floating Candles to aid in some of your wedding décor needs? A wedding is one of the most important events in life. Often, bride and groom take painstaking effort to provide their family members, guests and friends a celebration that they will never forget.

Candles Unlimited

Candles Unlimited

                Are you searching for Candles of all design and style? Looking for discounted wholesale prices of Votive Candles, Pillar Candles, taper candles, and other candle types to suit your restaurant or wedding design needs? Lo and behold! The largest collection of candles is yours for the taking. Candles in online sites come in all shapes, aroma and styles. Knowing the right channel to pursue can be as easy as 1-2-3. Let your fingers do the talking to find the candles that suit your very needs. Whether in setting up an elegant restaurant style or creating whimsy and romance in themed weddings, candles once again reign supreme in being the deliverer of such promise.

Why Unscented Candles are Best for Restaurants

Why Unscented Candles are Best for Restaurants


               Looking for a reliable supplier of Unscented Candles to aid in your restaurant’s design? Well, look no further. Wholesale candles at much cheaper Discount Candles price are yours for the taking if you know the right avenues to look at. From votive candles to taper candles to pillar candles, Candles4less has candles at a whole sale price can guarantee you best deals and promo to suit your restaurant’s need. But why go for unscented candles when scented ones are quite the most sought-after nowadays?

How to Design Candles in Glass

How to Design Candles in Glass

                Are you in the prowl for designs of Candles in Glass? There are various ways to design candles and one way of elegantly designing candles is to hold them in Square Vases or Cylinder Vases. With vast network of resources on the net for suppliers of candles of all shapes, sizes, aromas and styles, equally important glass resources to accentuate the design of choice can also be easily found in huge online structures. With the current hype of candles in interior design for homes, restaurants, weddings and other important events, more and more websites and blog sites are dedicated in providing answers and solutions to the questions and problems of the growing public’s interest on candle in glass design.


Customized Wedding Candles

Customized Wedding Candles

 Planning a beach or garden wedding? I have just the idea for you. Why not integrate Floating Candles with intricately designed Votive Candle Holders for centerpieces? Wedding Candles used in designing weddings are making quite a comeback these days. If you check major wedding magazines and websites, stylishly designed wedding candles centerpieces are becoming quite a sensation in most weddings. But why is there so much hype on candles in weddings nowadays? And why are more and more newlyweds make use of customized candles as wedding favors? Are wedding candles just a fad or is it here to stay?

Therapeutic Candles
Been having trouble lately? Want to have some peace of mind? Oftentimes in our lives we have certain moments wherein we need to pause and reflect upon what is going on. As the body can be assailed by illnesses so is the mind. Therapy using candles— whether scented or Unscented Candles—is one of the most effective ways in augmenting your meditative state and in healing the mind.

Beautiful Candles in Glass Cases
There are a lot of ways to make candles more interesting than how we usually see them. Candles are typically used to give light to a room, but there’s always a way to make a candle look pretty while still keeping its function.

Restaurant Candles for a Romantic Table Setting
With so many restaurants out in the market today, owners face the challenge of making their restaurants more interesting than all the rest. Aside from making sure that the food served in the restaurant is actually something that will suit the taste of people, they have to come up with a way to dress up the restaurant and create a unique kind of ambiance.

Wedding Candles to Fit Any Theme
Candles can be used to make any event interesting, because you can customize the candles for them to fit any look or theme that you want to exude.

Different Kinds of Decorative Candles
Many years ago, the only time people used Candles was when they needed light and there was no other source of it. Today however, candles are so much more than just objects that you can light up with a match to ease the darkness. All kinds of candles exist today, and the purpose of a candle is no longer just limited to the functional aspect of providing light. Candles can be used for decoration as well, in the sense that they can blend into the surrounding design of a room or any decorative arrangement. Candles can also be used in religious or spiritual ceremonies. Votive Candles are largely used in churches wherein people can use them as burnt offerings, but they can be used in a meditation area as well.

Tips on How to use Pillar Candles
Candles4Less.com’s pillar candles are large in size and come in a variety of heights, quantities, and scented options. For added decorative flair, choose a container to display the candles creatively such as cylinder or square shaped glass vases.

How To Use Votive Candles
Watch how to use Votive Candles

(Candles4Less.com has many votive candle choices to personalize your unique candle selection.)
You can choose color, scented or unscented, 10 or 15 hour burn time, and even classic wax or a disposable liquid form. In order to maximize the light life of the votive candle it is important to make sure they are placed in a proper votive holder so the wax does not melt onto surfaces and it will also keep the flame burning for a longer period of time.

Tip: To get the maximum enjoyment from your candle, always remember to keep the wick trimmed to about 1/4". A properly trimmed wick reduces smoke and soot, and makes for a more even burn. If you light your candle and it starts to smoke, or the flame is too large, put it out and wait for it to cool. Then trim the wick and light it again.

Tea Light Candles - Decorate With Tealights

Tea Light Candles

The tealight candle, another option similar to the votive but smaller in size, is set inside its own aluminum or clear lucite container and available in different quantities at Candles4Less.com.) Tealight holders can add an elegant detail to candle-lit settings. Scented tealights and fire safe electronic tealights are also available. Tip: Be aware that not everything is a tealight holder. Consider if the material is flammable or too fragile to withstand the heat. Even some glass is too thin for tealights and will crack and break under the hot pressure! Use fillers, such as sand, to absorb the heat and pressure.

Taper Candles

Taper Candles : (The taper candle is a classic style often used in ceremonies for church and weddings. 

At Candles4Less.com tapered candles vary in color, length, width, and drip or no drip.)

Tip: Make sure the taper candles standing as straight as possible in its holder for an even burn and to prevent drip page.  Do not drip wax from the tip of the candle into the holder because it will cause the candle to drip. Do not use other materials to prop the candle because it is a potential fire hazard  Use wax candle fitter to secure the taper candle into its holder.

A classic selection of glass vases and containers for floral arrangements.

From wide squares to tall rectangles to short cylinders and tall cylinders;  there are plenty of supplies found at the best inexpensive retailer for candles: Candles4Less.

Tip: The tried and true way to maximize the life of floral arrangements is to give the flowers fresh cool water everyday. To recycle the flowers’ water pour it into your potted plants or garden.

Wedding Centerpieces and Floating Candles

(Candles4Less.com’s floating candles are a popular source of well-lit ambiance.)
Place them in pools, spas, or ponds. Florists and wedding coordinators alike also use them to create sophisticated centerpieces.

Tip: Use clippings from your garden, natural stones, and crystals to create submerged water table displays.  Succulents maintain their beauty well under water and crystals look dramatic magnified in vases of water.  Also make sure the water is distilled in order to prevent bubbles and guarantee a clear display.
Take advantage of these great candle deals at wholesale prices before they float away!!!

Helpful tips on how to get wax off of surfaces
Find out how to get candle wax out of wood, glass, painted walls, carpet and vinyl flooring!

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Ways To Use Floating Tealight Holders
A memorizing display of light with Tea lights and Floating Holder!

Summer Time Fun With Flower Pot Votive Cups!
Fun Ideas for Spring or Summer time get togethers!