Candle Burning Tips

Posted by on 4/26/2016
How to burn candles!

Red Votive Candles

Posted by on 1/15/2016

Clear Glass Votive Holders Reviews

Posted by Megan on 1/10/2016
Check out what are customers are saying about clear glass votive holders

Floating candles are an affordable option for wedding ceremonies!

Posted by Megan on 9/4/2015
Check out these centerpiece ideas!


Candles in Glass

Posted by jennifer on 9/3/2015
Planning for your wedding reception d├ęcor? Want to revamp your current restaurant design?

Preparing for an engagement dinner in your home? Would you like to add elegance and touch of whimsy to your design take?


Restaurant Candles: Degustation with Aroma-ntic Flair

Posted by Melisa on 9/2/2015
When you think of romantic dinner for two, what usually comes to mind? Of course, Taper Candles!!


Don't Miss Our Annual Memorial Day Sale!

Posted by Jenny on 5/20/2015
Don't Miss Our Annual Memorial Day Sale!

Weddings? Not without the candles!!!

Posted by Yigit on 2/19/2015
Not Without the Candles!

Weddings favorite! 10 Hour Votive Candles

Posted by Nicole M. on 1/19/2015

Theses votive candles are perfect for Weddings, Restaurants, Churches and Home Decor. They can also be use for Special Events like Parties or Receptions.

Simplicity Centerpiece for Special Events

Posted by Melisa on 4/5/2014

Grays & Greens for an Orchid Spring

Posted by Melisa on 4/5/2014
Find out how you can put together a stunning arrangement with our 20" Natural Gray Moss Gondola. Read how to DIY below...

Seashells & Cylinders

Posted by Melisa on 4/5/2014

Create A Night For Passion!

Posted by Melisa on 4/5/2014

A Complimentary Centerpiece

Posted by Melisa on 4/5/2014
Using complimentary cylinder glass holders and colors, you can construct an exquisite centerpiece that is quick and easy to put together. 

Emerald & Ivory

Posted by Melisa on 4/5/2014

White & Bright

Posted by Melisa on 4/5/2014