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5' Clear Glass Square Vases (Set of 12)

5" Clear Glass Square Vases (Set of 12)

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Part Number: 1709557_12
Feature: Glass
  • Made of: Glass 
  • Size: 5" squared 
  • Color: Clear 
  • Cut Polished Rim 
  • Quantity: 12 
Our bulk set of 5" Clear Glass Vases are a popular item for Florists, Interior Designers and Event Planners and ready for immediate delivery! Use them in Restaurant, at Weddings and home decor. They are ideas as a candle holder or a flower vase. Decorate any occasion with this contemporary holder.
For a special added touch try our Personalized Labels and customized it! This Large Square Vase is made of heat tempered glass and features a cut and polished rim. Each box contains 12 of our 5" x 5" Square Vases. For Bulk orders we encourage businesses to sign up for our Wholesale membership to receive discounted prices on all of our products.

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