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72 Flower Pot - 72 Votive Candles
72 Flower Pot - 72 Votive Candles

72 Flower Pot - 72 Votive Candles

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Flower Pot Votive Candle Holders with Candles
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Part Number: c_set_72-1250_72-1001_72
Feature: Glass
  • Candles Made of: Clean Burning Wax 
  • Color/s: White, Ivory or 100 Tealights
  • Burn Time: 10 hours (votives) up to 4 hours (teailghts)
  • Scent: unscented 
  • Lead-free Cotton Wicks / Smokeless 
  • Quantity: 72
  • Votive Holder Made of: Glass 
  • Size: 2.7" diameter (top) 1.75" diameter (base) x 2.6" height 
  • Color/s: Clear, Frosted or Red
  • Quantity: 72

Tip: A half teaspoon of water in the holder will make it easy to remove any remaining wax once the candle has burned out and cooled. 
Our set of 72 Flower Pot Votive Holders and 72 Votive Candles are ideal decor for Weddings and Special Events to create a soft and gentle glow. They are also a favorite for Restaurants, Churches, home decor, parties or receptions. Cover your table, buffets display or bar tops with glittering lights.

All of our votive candles are compression molded with lead-free cotton wicks for a clean and smokeless burn. Made from heat tempered glass, our Flower Pot Votive Holders, are the highest quality votive holders you'll find anywhere! With proper care, these holders should last a lifetime.

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