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72 Square Holders + 72 Candles
72 Square Holders + 72 Candles

72 Square Holders + 72 Candles

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Candle Holders with Votive Candles
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Part Number: C_Set_72-1001_72-1100_72
Feature: Glass

  • Candles Made of: Clean Burning Wax 
  • Size: 1 7/16"  diameter x 1 7/16" height 
  • Color/s: White, Ivory
  • Burn Time: 10 hours
  • Scent: unscented 
  • Lead-free Cotton Wicks / Smokeless 
  • Made of: Glass 
  • Size: 2" squared 
  • Color/s: Clear, Frosted
  • Quantity: 72 
Tip: A half teaspoon of water in the holder will make it easy to remove any remaining wax once the candle has burned out and cooled.

Our set of 72 Square Holders + 72 Candles are ideal for Wedding Planners, Restaurants, Hotels, Churches and Event Planners. Use them to adorn your home or patio. Whatever the occasion, you can create soft lighting with the discounted set.

Square Votive Holders are made with durable, carefully crafted glass, having versatile usage for several types of candles.  All of our votive candles are compression molded and made of clean burning wax.

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