Candle Burning Tips:

Candles have been used for thousands of years. First it was a source of light and heat. Today it is no longer a major light source but it is still very popular for its aesthetic role. We use candles for creating atmosphere, decorations, celebrations, holidays as well as religious reasons.

There is an art of burning candles safely and properly. If you follow some rules, you should be able to enjoy the lasting glow of your candle.  Here are some candle burning tips:  

 Pillar Candle burning tips:

pillar candles

  •  Although a pillar candle stands on its own, always use an appropriate candle holder or a pillar plate underneath it for safety issues.
  • Do not burn a pillar candle for a short period of time because they burned better if burned longer.
  • It is better to burn a pillar candle one hour for every inch of its diameter for the first burn. Let’s think that you have a 3” diameter pillar. You should burn it for 3 hours for the first lighting in order to avoid tunneling. 
  •  Always trim wicks to ¼” before lighting. Don’t forget, long or crooked wicks can cause uneven burning and dripping.
  •  To avoid tunneling, simply “hug” your pillars. Gently press from the edges of the candle towards the center. It is better to hug your pillars carefully during the burning or right after extinguishing it.
  • When extinguishing a pillar candle, push the wick into the wax pool then lift back up.

Votive Candle burning tips:

  •  Always use a votive candle holder when burning a votive candle. Votive candles are designed to melt into a liquid state so they should be burned in votive holders.
  • Because the votive melts directly to the surfaces of the votive holder, it is better to burn it completely in one session.
  •  Don’t forget the votive candle holder may get very hot while burning.  It should be on a heat resistance surface.

Tealight Candle burning tips:

tealight candles

  • Tealight candles must be burned in tealight cups that they come in. When lighting, use an additional tealight holder for the tealight cups.
  • Tealights should be burned fully in one lighting.    
  • Always place a tealight cup on a heat resistance surface.

Taper Candle burning tips:

  • Always use a taper holder when burning a taper candle.
  • Tapers should be burn in draft free place because even a slightest draft can cause dripping.
  • When extinguishing, use a snuffer to minimize smoke.


  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Keep children and pets away from burning candles.
  • Keep burning candles away from furniture, curtains, drapes, beddings, paper, books, etc.
  • Remove label from candle before burning.




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