Customized Wedding Candles


               Planning a beach or garden wedding? I have just the idea for you. Why not integrate Floating Candles with intricately designed Votive Candle Holders for centerpieces? Wedding Candles used in designing weddings are making quite a comeback these days. If you check major wedding magazines and websites, stylishly designed wedding candles centerpieces are becoming quite a sensation in most weddings. But why is there so much hype on candles in weddings nowadays? And why are more and more newlyweds make use of customized candles as wedding favors? Are wedding candles just a fad or is it here to stay?


               Contrary to popular belief, candles had been used all throughout history not just for lighting necessity but in other uses as well—mending shoelaces, label weatherproofing, opening sticky drawers, create secret messages, ornaments, therapy and many more. Candles have also been of frequent use in weddings, baptisms, funerals, processions, and life’s other revelries all throughout time. Weddings in particular are lifetime celebrations that actively make use of candles as part of its theme. Unity candles in weddings may seem like the trend nowadays but this action actually has been practiced over time in most weddings across religions and countries all over the globe. Why not go over the top on your beach or garden wedding and add in flair of whimsy and romance with exquisitely designed wedding candle centerpieces. You can ask your wedding organizer, if you have one, to arrange it for you. Or if you want it to be more memorable, you can easily find online resources which can help you with the design process as well as in providing you candle resources that will suit your very needs. Your wedding only comes once in a life time. Make sure you get the best memories out of it.    

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