Many years ago, the only time people used Candles was when they needed light and there was no other source of it. Today however, candles are so much more than just objects that you can light up with a match to ease the darkness. All kinds of candles exist today, and the purpose of a candle is no longer just limited to the functional aspect of providing light. Candles can be used for decoration as well, in the sense that they can blend into the surrounding design of a room or any decorative arrangement. Candles can also be used in religious or spiritual ceremonies. Votive Candles are largely used in churches wherein people can use them as burnt offerings, but they can be used in a meditation area as well. The great thing about candles is that they come in all shapes and sizes. This is where the decorativeness of candles comes in. You can use candles in any shape, size and color to decorate any room. If you intend to use candles that are lit up instead of just displaying them without the light, Pillar Candles can be used because of the fact that these candles are so wide. The width makes the candle last longer, so you can light it up for extended periods of time. A pillar candle can be placed in the dining table, the living room, or in other areas of the house where you just want to be decorative and unique.