With the help of Candles 4 Less products and a classic bouquet of emerald leaves and ivory flowers, you can create a one of a kind arrangement to adorn the tables of your wedding reception or special event.

Start by covering the tables with white linen table cloths and a silver runner down the center. 

Set our 6" Square Vase in the middle of the table and fill the vase half way full of water. You are then ready to place your prearranged bouquets in the vase.

Finish it off with 4 of our 2" Square Votive Holders set around each side of the vase and insert 1 tealight from our standard 100 Tealights into each holder.

Simple, easy and ready in minutes for a memorable time with family and friends. This arrangement is also perfect for corporate events to network and mingle with coworkers.

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6" Clear Glass Square Vase 6" Square Vase

Pricing for 6 Tables

ItemCost per unitQuantity neededTotal cost
6" Square Vase $8.996$53.94
2" Square Votive Holders (1dozen)$12.992$25.98
100 Tealights$6.991$6.99

Note: Prices are subject to change at any time

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