People use floating candles as wedding centerpieces and they are also extremely popular as well as elegant and also the least expensive. Couples who are planning their wedding are always looking for affordable decorations options. These candles are a great option for such couples. The preparation method for these types of candle is very simple and they can be prepared right at home.


There are many type of floating candle designs that are available for weddings. White and cream is the most preferred color for weddings and they are preferably round in shape. These candles are also used for different other purposes apart from weddings.


Floating flower candles are also popular dinner table decoration. Before buying the different types of candles for weddings you need to decide what wedding candles would suit you the best. The floating flower candle is a good addition but it’s also a little expensive as compared to other types of floating candles. They are a good option if budget is not a constraint. These candles help enhance the ambiance of the entire wedding venue with its décor and light.


are also available for small floating candles. These holders make sure that this type of candles burn for a longer time. It makes sense to buy these holders so as to ensure that you have the right size to use with your candles.


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