Anyone who has used candles knows that sometimes accidents happen. The next time wax spills and you need to get it off your floor or furniture try these helpful and easy cleanup tips for candle wax on common surfaces. 

  • Wood - By using an ice cube harden the wax and then carefully remove the wax by scraping it with a plastic ruler, spatula or expired credit card. For any left over residue rub the area with cream furniture wax and a soft cloth. 

  • Glass - Gentle scrape away any remnants from the holder. With a blow dryer apply medium heat to wax remnants and wipe away with a rag as it softens. Using hot soapy water, wash the area to remove remaining residue. 

  • Painted - Wall Take a blow dryer and apply medium heat to gently wipe away wax as it softens. Mix a solution of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. With a soft rag remove residue with the vinegar solution. 
  • Carpet - Break or scrape off as much wax as possible from carpet and then vacuum the area. Lay a lint free, damp, white cloth over the the wax. If you do not have a cloth you can also use a paper towel. Set your iron to a medium and apply heat to the cloth or paper towel to help the material soak up the wax. 

  • Vinyl - Flooring Prepare hot water and soak the wax area. Using a dry cloth wipe off the wax. Repeat these two steps until all wax is removed. To remove remaining residue clean the vinyl with a multi purpose cleaner. 

Votive Holder TIP: Put a teaspoon of water or olive oil inside the votive holder, before burning the votive candle, to help easily remove wax remnants. 

Taper Holder TIP: Rub a olive oil on the base of your taper candle to keep wax from sticking to holder.


Carla Borkins

Date 6/20/2012 2:00:44 PM

Place white salt inside the votive holder when the candle melts inside the votive cup it will not stick.And it will be easy to remove.


Date 5/26/2013


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