It's hip to be square if you're using our Square Vases and Square Votive Holders. Their geometric shape creates a contemporary aesthetic for any occasion. (Read below the image to see how.)

It's a simple recipe but you need the right ingredients!

For the tulips we have used our 
9-1/2 Tall Square Vase filled half full with water. For big events and a professionally made bouquet consult your local florist!

We have added lighting by using 2 of our clear glass 2" Square Holders with our Clear Cup Tealights.

Clear Cup Tealights work best when using clear holders to achieve and aesthetically pleasing look.

For an added touch try using stones in the vase or sand in the votive holders. You can also decorate the vase with ribbons or other decorative elements.

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Pricing for 6 Tables

ItemCost per unitQuantity neededTotal cost
9-1/2 Tall Square Vase $6.996$41.94
2" Square Holders (1 dozen) $12.991$12.99
Clear Cup Tealights (50 Pcs)$13.991$13.99

Note: Prices are subject to change at any time

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Shelly Roberts

Date 5/21/2015

If I order 12 of the 9.5" tall square vases-can I get a discount on price and/or shipping? Can I use a coupon as well? Thanks, Shelly 940-389-1705

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