Candles 4 Less carries disposable Fuel Cells for a contemporary look with less mess. Their strong luminous light will create a beautiful ambiance to enhance your guests dining experience. As a favorite of Restaurants and Hotels all over the country, fuel cells are ideal for candle lit dinners. We carry 4 different sizes with burn times to suit any occasion. If you are a business or a retail purchaser looking to avoid cleaning out wax from candle holders then our disposable Fuel Cells are the perfect choice.

Fuel Cell

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15 Hour Disposable Fuel Cell (96/case)
Clean candlelight without candle mess.
8 Hour Disposable Fuel Cell (90/case)
Clean candlelight without candle mess.
Candles 4 Less is proud to carry Hollowick brand Fuel Cells. These small plastic containers are filled with a paraffin blend of liquid fuel that is clean burning and the best alternative to wax candles. Fuel Cells allow for longer burn times with a strong luminous flame. We have 4 different sizes of cells to fit most Candles Holders. Choose from a quality product at an incredible price with our 8 Hour Disposable Fuel Cells (90/case), 15 Hour Disposable Fuel Cells (96/case), 26 Hour Disposable Fuel Cells (60/case) and 37 Hour Disposable Fuel Cells (36/case).

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