Liven up the party and light up the night with Drip Taper Candles from Candles 4 Less. For an old world aesthetic, melt them in used wine bottles or liquor bottles. Celebrate weddings, birthdays and other special moments with our colorful Multi-color Drip Taper Candles. Restaurants and businesses alike will love the look of dripping wax in candelabras and Taper Holders.

Drip taper candles

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Multi-color drip taper candles
Taper Candles
Our Multi-color Drip Taper Candles will take you back to the 60’s with 5 different of melting wax colors. These tapers contain lead free wicks for a smokeless clean burn. Place them in your favorite use glass bottle or one of our Taper Holder and watch as the colors cascade down the taper and holder. Be sure to use an appropriate holder to catch the melting wax.

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