For lovers of the sea and ocean... it's time to decorate! This naturally beautiful arrangement is easy to put together.

Using our 
3.5" x 6" Cylinder Glass Vase  3.5" x 9" Cylinder Glass Vase  and  4" x 12" Cylinder Glass Vase, you can make multiple levels for an aesthetically pleasing rhythm to your center piece or decor. 

Place a desired amount of seashells on the bottom of each cylinder. Once the shells are in place, pour in water and be sure to leave at least 3 inches from the water level to the top of the holder. This is for fire safety purposes.

Once everything is put together you are ready to add our  3" Floating Candles (3Pc)  and light up the night with a dazzling display of candle light.

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Pricing for 1 Arrangment

Item Cost per unitQuantity neededTotal price
3.5" x 6" Cylinder Glass Vase $2.991$2.99
3.5" x 9" Cylinder Glass Vase $3.991$3.99
4" x 12" Cylinder Glass Vase $7.921$7.92
3" Floating Candles (3Pc) $4.991$4.99

Note: Prices are subject to change at any time

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Date 3/5/2013

I keep typing in plastic or acrylic vases and you keep showing me glass.

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