Taper Candles are one of the most widely used candles for Weddings, Churches and Special Events. They are perfect for Restaurants and candle lit dinners. Find quality Taper Holders to contain your selection of tapers. We offer fun, contemporary and classic styles to fit most any occasion. Enhance your dining experience with beautiful glass Taper Holders from Candles 4 Less.

Taper Candle Holders

Taper Candles are tall, thin candles that come in a range of colors and sizes with various burn times. Choose from our selection of Taper Holders to help you properly burn your tapers. Candles 4 Less carries quality Taper Candle Holders made with heat tempered glass, for long lasting use. Choose from our fun Butterfly Taper Holders (1 Dozen) or our Flower Taper Holders (1 Dozen). For a classic look try our Multi Use Tealight/Taper Holders (1 Dozen) or a more contemporary appeal with our Round Taper Holder (1 Dozen).

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