Be sure to stock up on Utility Candles from Candles 4 Less and partake in the savings with discounted pricing. Utility Candles are used for a wide range of purposes. These small slender candles are a great candle to have during emergencies and black outs. The lighting of these candles are more commonly use during religious traditions, candle light vigils and processions. Be sure to keep a regular stock on hand for standard household use.

Emergency / Utility Candles

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Perfect for church services, candlelight vigils, ceremonies, or at any event where candles will be hand-held.
$49.99 $39.99
15 Hour Votive Candles (288 Pcs) - Free Shipping
Case of 288 pieces votive candles. Burn Time: 15 hours with Votive Holders
$129.99 $99.99
15 Hour Votive Candles (36 Pcs)
Box of 36 pieces of Votive Candles.
Paper Bobeches
White Sabbath candles (Box of 72)
600 Tea Light Candles (Bulk Package) - Free Shipping
$79.99 $62.50
15 Hour Votive Candles (Set of 144)
Set of 144 pieces of Votive Candles.
Clear Plastic Candle Wind Protector (Set of 6)
Long white household candles (Box of 48)
Let Candles 4 Less supply your home or church with Utility Candles at a great price. For Emergencies and black outs be sure to stock up on our Short White Household Candles (Box of 50). A hard to find size for ornaments and religious traditions can be found with our White Sabbath Candles (box of 72). Vigils and processions are never complete without the use of our 10” Processional Candles with Bobeches. For occasion using handheld tapers and other similar candles, be sure to buy Paper Bobeches to reduce the risk of melted wax on hands.

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