Floating Candles are an incredible way to display candle light.

With our clear glass Floating Tealight Holders you can create a magnificent ambiance without the concern of messy candle wax.

Each glass holder can hold one tealight candle.

As seen below we have filled a pool of water with Floating Tealight Holders, Clear Cup Tealights and flowers from a bougainvillea plant for a spectacular visual display.

These holders are perfect for pools to help keep candle wax out of the water.

For tables and counter tops, try displaying them in one of our Floating Bowls.
We offer 6" Floating Bowls, 8" Floating Bowls and 10" Floating Bowls.

Add pebbles, precious gems, stones, sand, flowers or other decorative elements to your arrangement for a breath taking evening of candle light.

We also offer a set of 48 Floating Tealight Holders & 50 Clear Cup Tealights for and incredible sale price of $49.99. (Price is subject to change at any time)

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Note: Prices are subject to change at any time

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