10 Hour Votive Candles 

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Delivery was excellent. Received them the next day after ordering. The candles are excellent!!They burn for a long time!!!I could not be more satisfied..Thank You...Victor Alvarez

Reviewed by:  Victor Alvarez from Sun City California. on 12/4/2014


unscented votives

Use 6 of these almost daily in a candlabra. Work very well and as they are around food, they must be unscented. We really like them. From order to delivery the product is totally satisfactory.

Reviewed by:  Jeanne from Florida. on 11/30/2014



These candles were perfect! I spent a ton of time looking online and in stores for votives for my wedding and these were the least expensive AND the most elegant. They are exactly as seen on the website and they were packaged perfectly. I absolutely recommend them!

Reviewed by:  Melissa from Virginia. on 7/21/2014


Twinkle Twinkle

I bought these for my wedding, at the time I wasn't sure if I got such a great price because I had settled for lower quality. I am SO HAPPY I found Candles 4 Less. These candles burned clean, were the perfect shade of red and only took 2 days to get delivered. I will use candles for less again!

Reviewed by:  Amber Mattocks from New Jersey. on 6/4/2014



A terrific bargain for such a high quality product.absolute love these candles, no offensive odor clean steady flame, easy storage. this was my third order but not my last

Reviewed by:  Theresa McNaaughton from Chicago, IL. on 6/1/2014




Reviewed by:  paulette from lancaster ca . on 5/30/2014


Wedding Votives

The candles were perfect! And the price was fantastic! It was so convenient to order and have them delivered so fast. Will use Candles 4 Less again!

Reviewed by:  Jean Anderson from Tucson, AZ. on 5/29/2014



Have ordered these several times. These candles burn very well. Written description is accurate which is refreshing to experience. Packing was done with great care. Candles last a long time. As noted in the description, use a glass votive candle holder so the melted wax can pool and burn. The candles are nearly smokeless. The quality is comparable to bees wax. Cheap votives from the department stores are horrible in comparison.

Reviewed by:  RK from Wisconsin. on 3/25/2014



love them... completely odorless if you use a snuffer.burns very long, elegant looking, and you will not beat this price, ANYWHERE !!!!. customer for life because the prices on many of their items are lower than any other online store, and regular stores as well.

Reviewed by:  Dee from Tennessee. on 3/9/2014


Flower Lady

Great candles, Great deal, will continue to order

Reviewed by:  Karen Bubach from Bismarck, ND. on 3/3/2014


Great candles, great value

This is the second time I have purchased these candles for an event. The event lasts for at least 5 hours and the candles still burn at the end of the evening!

Reviewed by:  MLM from New York. on 2/20/2014



I used these candles for my wedding. They looked beautiful and they lasted the whole night. They burned clean. They were definitely worth the price.

Reviewed by:  tracy from orchard park ny. on 2/16/2014

Parish Life Director

Great product and fast delivery!

Reviewed by:  Marrey Picciotti from Oak Park, IL. on 2/7/2014


Great Candles

These seem to burn between 9 and 10 hours as described and are easy to clean up if you put a little water in your votive holders. I will be ordering these again. Great Quality for the price.

Reviewed by:  Jenii from va. on 2/3/2014


Perfect for Wedding Reception

I bought these candles for my daughter's upcoming wedding reception. I tested a few just to make sure they would last through the reception. After 10 hours the candles were still burning! I'm so glad I found these candles! The shipping time was very fast!

Reviewed by:  Dee from Indiana. on 1/31/2014


They do the job

Votive candles were accurately described and quickly shipped. What more can one ask?

Reviewed by:  Barry from New York City. on 1/12/2014


Perfect for wedding reception

Pure white, burn for at least 8 hours or more, plenty of time to last through a wedding reception. Can't beat the price.

Reviewed by:  Linda from Upstate New York. on 1/8/2014


Lumenaire ligting

Used these candles outdoors on a cold damp breezy night, to light our neighborhood lumenaire display (each candle in a small weighted bag, 144 candles for 12 homes). Third year using these, and they have performed very well, burning for hours. Excellent service, value, function and delivery, as I have come to expect from this company; good job!

Reviewed by:  Richard Millar from Rhode Island. on 12/28/2013


!0 hour votives.

I have used these candles for my luminarias at Christmas for several years. They are just great, and a very good value.

Reviewed by:  Lee Itczak from Florida. on 12/20/2013


Excellent as always

We order these votives every year to use in our luminarias. They burn longer than the 10 hours advertised, and make our mission-style church look very festive. You can hardly beat the price and function, and they are delivered so quickly that I can get extra if we need them. Thanks for being consistent and reliable over the years!

Reviewed by:  Judith Ellyson from Tucson. on 12/11/2013



Good candle, wick is a bit thin which causes flame to not burn perfectly until wax overflows and exposes more wick. Quite small in votive. Would suggest the 15 hour candles if looking for ascetics and function.

Reviewed by:  David Dejonge from Grand Rapids, Michigan. on 12/4/2013


Love these

I've been using these all weekend, long weekend due to Thanksgiving and I really really really love these!!! Long burning and clean. No mess in the holder when they are done. Will continue to buy.

Reviewed by:  Karla Greene from Ohio . on 12/2/2013


These are great !

I wouldn't buy my candles anywhere else. The votives burn longer than ten hours. You can't go wrong with them.

Reviewed by:  Maggie from Michigan. on 11/18/2013



I was very pleased with the quality & price of these candles. To be honest, upon opening the box I was skeptical, one candle was broken in half & the others looked dried out & had a residue on them. But in no way did this hinder the quality of the candles. I used these for my daughters wedding & they burned for 8 hrs & still had ample wax left to burn. I would recommend to others looking for a great buy!

Reviewed by:  Doris Krekelberg from Sioux Falls, SD. on 11/18/2013


Great Votives!

These candles were true to their description and did not smoke. They were perfect for our indoor wedding and lasted the entire reception!!

Reviewed by:  Anna from Texas. on 11/13/2013


Mother of the bride

Second time I have ordered from this company for daughter's wedding and I could not be happier. Great customer service. Candles arrived quickly on the date and location as I requested. Product was in perfect condition and was a bit hit.

Reviewed by:  jackie from Florida. on 11/4/2013


Mr K

Very Good! Product...I will always use Candles for less

Reviewed by:  Kenneth Shank from Easterhn TN. on 9/4/2013


Votive Candles (10 hr)

The candles were perfect, particularly the ivory color. Other places the ivory was too yellow looking. These were great! The off white we were looking for.

Reviewed by:  Christine Buswell from Virginia Beach. on 9/2/2013



I ordered ivory, 10 hr. votive candles. They arrived in PERFECT condition. They were packaged so well! I lit 4 of the candles and they all lasted longer than 10 hrs. My daughter will be married Spt. 22...I have ordered SO many items and I used many vendors! Candles4less is the most professional company I used.

Reviewed by:  sylvia walsh from Mesa, AZ. on 9/1/2013


wedding planner, floral designer

These candles are great! They burn very cleanly and are easy to remove from glass votive holders. Easy removal is so important as we need to do that after each event..they pop right out so we can then wash the holders in the dishwasher!!! Thanks so much for your prompt service.

Reviewed by:  Joellen from California. on 8/19/2013


10 hr candles

Haeven't had a chance to use them yet, but they seem like a good value and delivery came very promptly. Thanks

Reviewed by:  Jackie from Iowa. on 8/8/2013


Candelier votives

Candles arrived very quickly and they were exactly what we needed for our arbor candeliers. Next time that I need candles I will definitely be returning to Candles 4 Less. You will not be disappointed in these candles.

Reviewed by:  Dana Joyner from Reading, PA. on 8/8/2013


for my wedding

Perfect item. Great company I will definitely buy from here again!

Reviewed by:  athena from menifee. on 8/7/2013



They were just what I needed. I am very pleased

Reviewed by:  Cheryl from Indiana. on 8/2/2013


Great for any party!

Loved how they look so much classier than the little tin bottom ones in the bags at all the stores in town! Long burning and great price,too!I'm on my 3rd order for different parties-just at my home! The colored glass holders are so festive for any party also-Fiesta parties or showers, or any of the holidays!

Reviewed by:  Jenny from St Louis. on 7/12/2013



Great candles for a great price.

Reviewed by:  Susan from San Diego. on 7/10/2013

Candles ar perfect!

the candles came quickly in the mail. they are perfect!

Reviewed by:  sandy haftl from PA. on 7/8/2013



Loved these (for our wedding). Will purchase again for home use.

Reviewed by:  Nancy from PA. on 7/3/2013


Candles were awesome!

Our whole order was great! The service was outstanding and the products were great. We ordered votives and pillars and they came packed beautifully. My daughter's wedding looked incredible with all the candles burning. I well definitely order from Candles 4 Less again.

Reviewed by:  Teri Harb from California. on 7/2/2013


Mother of the Bride

We received the shipment of candles quickly and without damage. I was concerned when I saw the candles were not very big but the candles held true to the 10 hour claim with a clean burn.

Reviewed by:  Brenda from Crookston, MN. on 6/3/2013



As always, Candles4Less has delivered a wonderful product. I especially like the color of my votives. As usual, the processing and delivery have been excellent, and, of course, the savings out of this world. Many thanks! Grace in Simi Valley, CA.

Reviewed by:  Grace Limon from Simi Valley, CA.. on 5/28/2013



Received order timely and in good condition. Would order again. Thank you!

Reviewed by:  Sue from MA. on 5/28/2013



The candles are perfect. Did a test burn and at 7.5 hours and going strong. They will last the entire reception. Great price and quality.

Reviewed by:  Debi from Naugatuck, CT. on 5/11/2013


Wonderful Candles

These candles were perfect! Color was great (red) for my Niece's wedding

Reviewed by:  Kathy Mayo from Whitehall, OH. on 5/7/2013



I received blue candles, but I ordered green. They sent me the green ones and let me keep the blue ones. They burn extremely well.

Reviewed by:  Celestine Mcfadden from South Carolina. on 4/16/2013


Votive Candle Review

These candles were ordered for a wedding that will take place on June 1 of this year so they have not been tried yet. Floating candles were ordered for a wedding last year and they were wonderful. The burn time was just long enough on them so I anticipate not problems with these candles. Thanks for asking and thanks for having these available.

Reviewed by:  Sonja from Graham WA 98338. on 4/7/2013



Much better experience since the change to Google Trusted Store

Reviewed by:  Megan from Baton Rouge, LA. on 4/3/2013


Rockin Awesome!

These candles are incredible. Not only do they a long burn time, they hold their shape and the colors rock. Thanks, I will be back for more!

Reviewed by:  Anita from Illinois. on 3/16/2013



I am VERY happy with the candles they will be prefect for my daughters wedding they burn nice, even, smokeless and I was able to get all the candles and some small glass floating holders for less money than buying "floating candles" So glad I found your website Thanks

Reviewed by:  Michele from Indiana. on 3/14/2013


Smaller than I thought

The candles arrived in a timely manner, nicely packed, however when we put the votives in the holders, we immediately noticed they were half the height of a typical votive. We will not be able to use them for our wedding and will have to look for the more typical height. Site might have stated the height and I just didn't notice. Never knew votives had different heights.

Reviewed by:  Sheila from Massachusetts. on 3/11/2013


Mother of the Bride

These candles are perfect for our wedding reception at Yellow Fin in Maryland! Great service too!

Reviewed by:  lynn from Cary. on 3/2/2013


Mother of the Bride

The small votive candles were exactly as advertised and exactly what we wanted ! Also a great value .

Reviewed by:  Teresa from VA. on 3/2/2013


excellent product

This is the 2nd time i have purchased .I am a returning customer. Was very pleased with the candle and votives I received for my daughter wedding .clean long burning good quality, good service .thank you

Reviewed by:  phlip Dawson from Canada. on 1/30/2013


mom and grandmother

I have yet to use the 90 plus votive holders and 100 plus votive candles that I purchased for my daughters June wedding but I must say I got them so quickly. I got them the day after I ordered them. I hope that is a reflection on how much we will love the performance and look of the product!

Reviewed by:  Judy DeMyer from Winchester, CA. on 1/29/2013


Victoria Grems

Date 3/28/2015

Very disappointed with the way the candle holders were packaged and shipped. I bought a box of 12 clear glass holders and out of the 12, 3 were broken.

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