Happen to be planning a Wedding or catered event? We've got you covered with another idea on the lighter side...

Fashion a table filled with light and love for an elegant arrangement of candles and a fresh cut bouquet of flowers. 

Here you see 6 of our Wax Filled Votives and 3 Floating Tealight Holders with some Clear Cup Tealights. This will help to distribute a gentle glow for your guests and create a levels for an aesthetically pleasing look. 

In the center of the table place our 6" x 6" Cylinder Glass Vase with a beautifully designed  floral bouquet.  Finish the look with either clear glass beads or a jelly filler.

Set your place cards and welcome your guests with foundation decor from Candles 4 Less!

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Pricing for 6 tables:

ItemCost per unitQuantity  neededTotal cost
Wax Filled Votives
 4 boxes
Floating Tealight Holders
3 boxes
Clear Cup Tealights
1 package
6" x 6" Cylinder Glass Vase
6 holders

Note: Prices are subject to change at any time

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