SKU: 91112_06

Richland Dottie Candle Holder Set of 6

Richland Dottie Candle Holder

Darling Dottie! This amazing thick, textured glass holder makes a statement. Larger than a votive holder, Dottie fills up any space where placed beautifully. The base leads to the dotted raised textured design up to the clear top rim completing the look. Whether you use a votive candle, led votive candle, floating candle, or fill with your favorite blooms Dottie will not disappoint! The glimmering glow thru the textured dots is simply perfect. Weddings, events and homes will love you for incorporating the Dottie holder in your design!

Size: 2.5" (W) x 4.25" (H) x 3" (opening)