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Richland LED Candle Honey Pot Ivory 4" Set of 9


Richland LED Candle Honey Pot Ivory 4" Set of 9

Sweet as honey! Our LED Honey Pots is a fabulous addition to any décor. The real wax textured outer shell, in a honeypot shape, combined with the gentle flickering amber LED glow, will add beauty wherever the candle is placed. Perfect for home or event to provide a hassle free glow to your surroundings. 

When you receive this LED it is wrapped in a plastic covering. The sticker on the bottom of the candle can be removed to access the batteries. The batteries are wrapped in plastic. The plastic must be removed before engaging the battery.

This LED candle has 3 modes: On, Off, or Timer. When switch is in the Timer mode, the candle will be lit for 5 hours and then turn off for 19 hours. 

Dimensions:5" (W) x 4"(H)

Note: As these candles are made of real wax, they can be damaged by heat. 

This Product uses 2 AA Batteries (Included)