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Richland Stainless Steel Revere Lantern – Large

Richland Stainless Steel Revere Lantern – Large 

A Stately Stainless Steel Lantern that makes a big statement! With a durable thick handle, hinged door, clear glass side panels, and the perfect spot to showcase candle light all combine for a winning combination. The elegant shape and crisp design of the Revere lantern allows it to pair excellently with both classic and modern décor. Whether home or event use is your choice, you can’t go wrong! Some assembly required. 

Dimensions:  7"(W) x 26.5"(H)

Our Richland 4"x9" Pillar Candles are the perfect fit inside the lantern; but the 4"x6" and 3"x9" sizes are also popular choices. (Candles sold separately)

Note:  Lantern tops can become quite hot while burning a candle inside. Please use precaution when handling them while a flame is inside or just after.