There's nothing like the rich colors of royal blue and deep purple displayed in a crystal clear glass vase. Complete the look with some soft lighting and you have a breath taking display for your wedding, home decor or special event.

Don't get the blues when trying to figure out how to put together a fabulous table display. At Candles 4 Less we want to help brides and professionals find ways to use our products and achieve just that.

Set a 8" or 10" round glass mirror in the center of the table. 8" Round Mirror Plates (Set of 12)

Fill one of our 5" Bubble Ball Vase (Bubble Bowl) one third full of water. Using blue and purple orchids place a stem or two, vertically inside the bowl with a small cylinder bud vase.  Create a bunch with several of the same orchids and set them in the center of the bowl. (Be sure to visit your local florist for these beautiful flowers.)

Add lighting for your guests with our Optic Votive Holders and 10 Hour Votive Candles. For this arrangement 4 have been placed around the Bubble Bowl. To create more light add votive candles as needed.

No you are ready to impress your guests and enjoy the view. Quick, simple and stunning!

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Pricing for 6 Tables

ItemCost per unitQuantity neededTotal cost
5" Bubble Ball Vase$3.996$23.94
Optic Votive Holders (1 dozen)$12.992$25.98
10 Hour Votive Candles (24 pcs/box)$6.991$6.99

Note: Prices are subject to change at any time

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