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150 Tealight Candles
Bag of 100 Tealight Candles. 4 Hour Burn Time.
100 Tealight Candles + 50 Luminary Bags
Bag of 100 Tealight Candles. 4 Hour Burn Time.
$39.99 $29.99
1200 pcs Tea Light Candles (Bulk Package)
$159.00 $99.99
Fire Resistant Luminary Bags (Set of 10)
Luminary Bags perfect for any events
Fire Resistant Heart Luminary Bags (Set of 10)
Heart Shaped Luminary Bags
600 Tea Light Candles (Bulk Package)
$69.99 $59.99
5 Hour Clear Cup Tea lights (50 Pcs)
Clear Cup Tea lights
$14.99 $10.99
7 Hour Clear Cup Tealights (Set of 100)
$42.50 $36.50
Bulk 7 Hour Clear Cup Tealights (Set of 400)
$229.99 $149.99
8 Hour Disposable Fuel Cell (90/case)
Clean candlelight without candle mess.
7 Hour Tealight Candles (100 pcs)
Bulk 7 Hour Tealight Candles (400 pcs)
$99.00 $89.99
72 Turquoise Tealight Holders
Glass Tealight Candle Holders
$49.99 $39.99
 A Tealight Candle, also known as a “night light”, is a small candle set inside an aluminum or clear cup allowing the candle to pull and liquefy. These Candles are one of the most commonly acquired candles with a multitude of uses. Be it Home Décor, Birthday Parties, Special Events, Restaurant, Churches, Spas or Hotel. Tealights can be found everywhere! As one of the top candles for cost per use, Candles 4 Less offers the best available prices for Tealights.

Candles 4 Less carries a variety of tealights to fit any occasion. The standard 100 Tealights Candles and7 Hour Tealights are made of quality wax and come in aluminum tins to hold the wax as it burned. All Tealights contain lead free cotton wicks for a clean smokeless burn. For burn times up to 4 hours choose from our Standard package of 100 Tealight Candles or Clear Cup Tealights for a more aesthetically pleasing look. As a flameless option we offer Battery Operated Tealightsgiving the longest usage of 70 hours. These tealights are an excellent choice for occasions when an open flame is not permitted.

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