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Richland LED Votive Candles Ivory Set of 12

Richland LED Votive Candles Ivory Set of 12

Introducing our fabulous new LED votive candles! These fabulous candles provide hours upon hours of hassle free simulated candle glow! With an outer wax shell and flickering LED flame, this candle is perfect for home or event! This candle is a great option for no-flame venues! When the LED candle is turned on, it will glow for 5 hours, then turn off for 19. Set includes (12) total candles. 

Dimensions:  1.9" (W) x 2.2"(H)

When you receive this LED it is wrapped in a plastic covering. The sticker on the bottom of the candle can be removed to access the batteries. The batteries are wrapped in plastic. The plastic must be removed before engaging the battery. This Product includes 1 Button Cell Battery (CR 2032 3V LED)

This candle is made to stand alone; but if using with a holder, please ensure the holder is 2.75" or wider on the inside. 

NOTE:  These candles are made of real wax; and can be susceptible to damage from heat.