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Sanded Sierra Manzanita Branches Natural 12"-24"

This Manzanita Branch can be used to create awe-inspiring, rugged displays. Each upward reaching limb is hand-gathered in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in California, and sanded to accentuate its swirl-patterned wood. Place the Manzanita Branch in a large, colorful jar or pot with heavy stones, and bring the pristine ambience of an untouched mountain wood. The small branch is untreated and safe for aquariums and terrariums.

(1) Branch Included. Though each branch varies, on average, it will be between 12"-24" long, 8"-15" wide, and 6"-8" deep. The stem is between .5"-1.25" thick.

Note:  This is a natural product. Size, shape, color, and tendril amount will be unique to each just as in nature