SKU: 1332_72

Richland Black Lace Votive Holder Set of 72

Richland Black Lace Votive Holder

Amping up the intrigue with black lace! Our new addition to the lace votive holders can add a sophisticated yet romantic touch. When your candlelight is placed inside the gorgeous glow that twinkles through the lace design will add a lovely ambiance. Pair with any of our tealight or votive candles to complete your look. Now offered in white, black, and silver and two other gorgeous styles of lace patterns. You are sure to find the perfect lace addition for any style! Perfect for weddings and events!

Not guaranteed to be dishwasher or detergent safe.

Dimensions:1.75"(W-Base) x 2.125"(W-Top) x 2.375"(H)