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Eastland Square Mirrors and Cylinder Vases Centerpiece Set of 48

Eastland Square Mirror and Cylinder Vase Centerpiece Set of 48

We take the guessing of decorating for an event out of the equation!

By providing you with this fabulous set of 36 Cylinders and 12 Mirrors, your table centerpieces are ready-to-go! Simply add floral, candles, or other items of your choice to your Cylinder Vases. They will sit atop a beautifully reflective mirror, and in minutes achieve a look that you and your guests will love!

Planning a Wedding, Corporate, Church or Charity event? Then this set is for you! This ready to use, graduated set of 36 vases takes the guessing out of decorating! With three sizes that add levels and dimension to your table, this set works fabulously for event set-ups.

Included in this Centerpiece Set:

  • 12 - 3.25" x 10.5” Cylinder Vases
  • 12 - 3.25" x 9” Cylinder Vases
  • 12 - 3.25" x 7.5” Cylinder Vases
  • 12 - Square Mirrors (Choose your size)